EXCLUSIVE: Aggie Polling’s Results, 66% of Students Against Raising Fees for Renovation

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The results you’ve been waiting for are in (see the bottom of the post for links to the full results)!

Aggie Polling, an independent student-run project of the Aggie Guardian, conducted a student opinion poll regarding proposed fee increases and the Kyle Field renovation.  The poll was open from 7pm on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 to 5pm on Thursday, February 21, 2013.  The poll was distributed to student email accounts, and each poll invitation contained a unique link that allowed only one submission. 7,817 Texas A&M students responded to the poll.

The survey began with questions regarding student fees and the funding of the Kyle Field renovation.  65.8% of students were against using student fees and tuition for the Kyle Field renovation. 27.9% of students approved of using tuition and fees for that purpose.q1

Perhaps most interesting were the results of the question that matched the university administration’s email survey proposal.  In the Aggie Polling study, 24.3% of students supported the proposal of raising fees by $72.60/year and sports passes by $80.36.  75.7% did not support this proposal.  On the other hand, Dr. Loftin reported that 54.8% of respondents to the university’s survey supported the same proposal; 45.2% were opposed.  The university reported 7,664 respondents.q2

A segment of the Aggie Polling study looked into student opinions regarding the renovation, financial issues aside.  A little less than half, 49.3%, of students thought Kyle Field needed extensive renovations in addition to “basic safety improvements, additional exit ramps, additional/upgraded restrooms, and upgraded concessions capacity.”  44.4% of students thought the renovations described in quotes in the previous sentence were adequate.  6.3% of respondents did not think renovations are necessary.

Finally, the last question of the poll identified a potentially neglected funding avenue.  36.9% of students said “yes” to the following question: “Would you voluntarily donate to help raise money to fund the Kyle Field renovation?”

Click here to see the results for all of the questions asked in the poll.

Click here to read the 5,650 comments left by students while taking the poll.

Check back next week for more updates.  Aggie Polling plans to release further result breakdowns and additional polling results regarding Kyle Field.

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