Saturday’s “Run for Their Lives” 5k Race will Fundraise for Student Mothers

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Update: The Pro-Life Aggies inform us that the run will now start at Lot 50 of the Texas A&M campus at 1:00pm.

Pro-life agsThis coming Saturday, March 2nd, the Pro-Life Aggies (PLA) will host the “Run for Their Lives” 5k. All proceeds from registration fees will go to support the Pro-Life Aggies’ Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship.

The Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship was started by PLA to help support pregnant and parenting students financially in their decision to choose life for their unborn son or daughter.

“We desire to live out our Pro-Life convictions by supporting families that have chosen life in the difficult circumstance of being a college student,” said Jen Rumpf, former president of PLA. “The Pregnant and Parenting Student Scholarship shows that we love all of life, in the womb and out, and we want to help these families as much after birth as we do when the child is in the womb.”

Click here to register for the PLA’s “Run for Their Lives.”

Eva Mason, President of the Pro-Choice Aggies, thinks the scholarship should be “more open” and less “focused on religion.”  “It’s excluding a big percentage of women who may be pro-life or may be pro-choice, but they’re not going to label themselves,” Mason said.

Mason said the Pro-Choice Aggies plans to start a scholarship open to anyone.  “Ours is doing whatever you want to do in college, whether you’re pregnant and parenting or not,” she said.

According to the Pro-Life Aggies, their scholarship selection process does not take religion into consideration, and the scholarship is open to both men and women.

??? History Major Anna Bailey and daughter.  Bailey was received the Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship last year.

Senior History Major Anna Bailey with her daughter. Bailey received the Pregnant & Parenting Scholarship last year.

In 2012, PLA gave the scholarship to Anna Bailey 22-year old, full-time student who was raising her then 2-year old daughter. Bailey now leads a Pregnant & Parenting Student Support Group on campus.

“Pro-Life Aggies basically became a family for me. They helped me with whatever I needed. They were always there for me,” Bailey said. “When they gave me the scholarship, it was like I actually had friends. I had a family. I had people supporting me.”

“It was the most amazing experience to know that there are some non-judgmental, extremely sweet people out there who are willing to do everything to try and help out me and other girls,” she said.

Last year, PLA raised $3000 for the scholarship fund.

“We are hosting the 5K run again because of its immense success last year,” PLA President Laura Campos said. “It is the primary source of income for the scholarship, and we want everyone to register so that we can help as many mothers as possible. It’s a fun run for a good cause: giving back to our university by helping out our fellow Aggies.”

Anna Bailey will speak at Saturday’s event.  The 5k starts at 9 a.m. Saturday in Bee Creek Park. Students can register for $15 by clicking here.

Run for thier lives

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